Dr. M Beehner’s Study about FUE and FUT

Below is  Dr. M Beehner’s  (3560 hairs/ follicles) study which was presented at the ISHRS annual meeting on Sep 2015.



Please see the two photos. The only difference is the FUT grafts have tissue around its follicles and the FUE grafts have no tissue.

FUE is a blind procedure, the deeper the cutting, the more chance of dissection of the follicles. The standard method is to blindly punch through the skin then use a strong forcep to pull them out. This is the reason why there are no tissues are around the follicle level and the follicle is left exposed with no protection.

The impact to survival rate is 10-14 months after surgery-

FUT 86% survival rate (765/890) vs FUE 61.4% survival rate ( 547/890).

The difference is 24.6 %.

We all know donor hair is limited, our worst nightmare is that we might run out of it someday .
Remaining concerns are, what’s the impact to the transplanted hair quality and the life of it? So far no one has done this study.