Is an invisible scar possible?

We figured out a way to save you thousands of dollars with excellent regrowth rate and the best invisible scar possible.

The FUE method will leave thousands of round punch hole scars and hyper pigmented scars.

FUE doesn’t close the wounds so the scars are all the same. FUT creates a linear scar but the wound will be closed, so 90% of the scars size depends on the surgeon’s skill. However, 10% still depends on patient’s scalp.

Now we offer a better approach!

With FUT,  surgery fee is more affordable and a 24.6% higher regrowth rate. On of my patient does not like the linear scar so he went to a tattoo artist and spent $100 having the tattoo on his scar.   After five years the tattoo color fades but still hide the scar pretty well.


Before tattoo (photo taken on 1/19/2012)


Five years after tattoo on donor scar