Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center (NHT Medical Center) specializes in hair transplant and eyebrow restoration. The clinic’s goal is to attain the most natural looking hair transplant results for its patient.

People will generally notice a bad hair transplant. That’s why it is important for you to choose a clinic with the expertise and experience in making your hair transplant a successful one.

In 1993, Dr. Steven C. Chang started Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center (NHT Medical Center ), and his medical expertise and concern for people’s needs have been attracting patients ever since.

Our surgical team consists of two surgeons and four technicians.

Part of the success of the NHT Medical Center’s high quality results is due to the highly skilled surgical technicians that we employ to assist the surgeon in the procedure. There is a heavy emphasis on teamwork for the technicians as it takes a team effort to coordinate the procedures for each surgery.

About Our Surgical Team

Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with the best natural looking hair transplant. To reach that goal, we developed the Natural Hair Transplant Surgical Team. There is a full team supporting the operating doctor at every operation in order to supply the quality service and undivided attention each patient deserves. Our commitment to teamwork is clearly shown in the quality and safety of our hair transplant surgeries. All of these things ensure the finest hair transplant possible for our patients.”

Our Expert Hair Transplant Surgeons and Artists

Steven C. Chang, M.D.

Dr. Steven C. Chang is the founder and surgeon of Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center. He has over 28 years of experience in the hair transplant surgical field. He has attended hair transplant schools, conferences, and operation rooms internationally, and trained with many renowned hair restoration surgeons. It was during this time that he created the unique Natural hair transplant Procedure used at our clinic.

A prominent figure in the hair transplant community, Dr. Steven Chang has become renowned for his dedication to high quality results with his patients. With a background in anesthesiology, Dr. Chang has introduced his method of the “Twilight Zone Anesthesia” Method that allows for a painless and effective surgery. Years of experience in his practice have given Dr. Chang a long history of satisfied patients who will attest to his remarkable work.

Michael L. Chang, D.O.-Board Certified Physician

Dr. Michael Chang is a board certified physician. Dr. Michael is the son of Dr. Steven Chang. He has always been interested in the art of hair transplantation and has been working at NHT medical office since starting his undergraduate education at University of California, Irvine. After graduating residency as Chief Resident at White Memorial Medical Center, he started working as a hair transplant surgeon for the past 7 years. Even though he is young ( compared to other hair transplant physician), he already has 15 years of total experience in hair transplant. His goal is to use the best techniques combined with cutting edge technology to help give the patient the most natural and dense hair transplant possible.

Dr. Michael considers hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure and should use minimum cost to achieve satisfactory result. This philosophy saves his clients thousands and thousands of dollars and reduce a lot of procedure needed for the future.

He is an associate member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

He will be available every Wednesday.

Surgical Technicians

In addition to the surgeons, our highly skilled surgical technicians ensure a quick and smooth operation (each member has been trained for and specializes in certain tasks). The hiring standards are high, and members are provided with the latest equipment and medical supplies. One can rest easy, knowing that quality is the key word at Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center.

In our clinic, we have four main technicians.  Each of them has more than fifteen years experience in this field.

Atsuko is Dr. Chang’s wife. She entered this field with Dr. Chang when he opened the clinic twenty-one years ago. She accompanies Dr. Chang to all famous hair transplant centers, and has attended fifteen ISHRS annual meetings. Atsuko’s job is training new technicians, and doing quality control. She also does cutting and placing of the grafts. She stays in the surgery suite throughout the procedure. Who cares about the quality of surgery more than the owner?

DCF 1.0

Jamie is an Orange County, California born lady. She is also the anchor of our DVD. She has a very good sense of humor. Jamie is the one who makes the room brighter and makes the patient feel at home.

When we pick our surgical technicians, we always screen them with the O’Connor Tweezer Test (Eye-Hand Coordination Test). Our minimum requirement to finish the test is four minutes and thirty seconds.

We are very fortunate to have them working as our backbone.