Why FUE scar area is 10 times bigger than FUT's?

With FUT, if we removed 1 cm by 20 cm donor strip for transplant, we will close the wound so it will shrink to 0.1 cm or even smaller. The total scar area is 0.1 cm by 20 cm=2 sq. cm.

With FUE method, to harvest the same amount of hair we need to punch out 1 cm by 20 cm donor skin. Because the wound is leaved open after surgery, if we punch out all hair in the area then it leaves no hair to cover up the donor site. In order to cover up the punch scar, we have to punch out from an area of at least 5 to 6 cm wide and 20 cm long.

The total scar area in FUE is 20 sq. cm in this case.

So the FUE scar area is ten times bigger than FUT.

Most of the time the FUE punched scar will get bigger in the future. The tighter of the scalp the bigger the scars becomes. The scars are permanent so will stay there forever.