FUT Donor Scar vs FUE Donor Scar

Hair transplantation can be confusing. Every clinic you visit, there is a different surgery method, different number of grafts with a huge price difference. You may not know which one may fit your best interest. What we offer you at Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center is the latest information and the basic principles to help you make up your own judgement and decision.

On one hand I would like for you to enjoy the latest hair transplant innovations. Yet on the other hand, I wouldn’t want you to become a lab rat to experimentation.

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I have been in the business for more than 20 years and have seen a lot of new hair transplant methods appearing and vanishing leaving the patients with dramatic physical damage. It began with laser hair transplant, to scalp reduction, to lateral and major reductions, Frechet extender and expansion, flap surgery, punch grafts tunnel rafting, mini and micro graft, mega sessions and dense packing, follicular unit and ultra thin megasession, and finally currently the ever so popular FUE (Follicular Unit Exaction).

FUE was the most popular topic in 2014 ISHRS meeting. So many doctors were anxious to learn how to quickly produce better quality FUE grafts. Because it is labeled the latest revolution of hair transplant on the media, it is what patients are seeking for. As a hair transplant surgeon who does not offer this method, it makes you old school and obsolete. But many people are not aware that FUE had another name called “punch graft” 30 years ago. It is not a new technique at all. It still uses the punch and have same problem as years ago. Except the name and size of punch are changed.

There are no papers or articles that mention the major disadvantage of FUE. Except one doctor from Greece. He himself had two FUE procedures and disclosed his experience. The presentation came with a lot of pictures, slides with great detail that compares and contrasts the FUT and FUE methods.That is the exact plan that we have at NHT medical center.

FUE is the most popular and brings all the business to it. But I insisted I would not be involved with it.

One reason being, is FUE doesn’t minimize the scars but spreads them to larger areas much over the safe zone.The thousands of scars will stay forever and one day when the donor hair becomes thinner or narrower it will show. It is nearly impossible to cover it up at that point. Another reason, is FUE doesn’t use best donor site available and instead ruins it! As hair transplant surgeons, we are always concerned that there may not be enough donor to cover the all baldness.

The only advantage of the FUE is that there will be no linear scar. Even it left thousands of small punch scars forever.

FUE Donor Scars-not our patient

FUE scar with Keloid

Our FUT Donor Scars- 10 Days after Surgery


Our FUT Donor Scars- 10 Days after Surgery


Our FUT Donor Scars- 10 Days after Surgery


Our FUT Donor Scars- 10 Days after Surgery


Our FUT Donor Scars – Matured Scars

scar7 (1)

The donor is 23 cm long


The donor is 23 cm long


The donor is 23 cm long


The donor is 23 cm long


The donor is 23 cm long


The donor is 23 cm long