Hair Growth Progress After Surgery

Photos taken every two-three weeks

Total Surgery:  2



Before Surgery 

   Two photos are taken immediately before surgery.

   Nordwood class 6. Total area is —-, plan to do two surgeries at 30% density each.

Right After The Surgery

Average 30% donor density added but emphasize at the front area.

The photo shows all the scabs, the shape of hairline is kind of long and narrow to frame.

The whole face. Bandage was applied to give the pressure to donor site.  It will be removed in 24 hours.

Two Weeks After The Surgery
All the scabs were removed, the transplanted hair even grow longer. But almost of them will shed in one to two months.

Four Weeks After The Surgery
Some hair started to shed, both transplanted and some pre-existing hair.

Six Weeks After Surgery

No change

Eight Weeks After Surgery

No change

Ten Weeks
Baby hair started to grow