Invisible Hair Transplant Donor Scar

If you are expecting no donor scars after a hair transplant surgery, it’s a mission impossible!

If you are only looking for invisible donor scars, then it is simple to achieve. At an affordable cost and not compromising the hair transplant result, the answer is SMP (scalp micropigmentation) procedure.

Here is an example of a SMP result on a FUT scar from another clinic:

Before SMP

scar1 (1)

After SMP

If you are interested in seeing more photos of SMP treated scars, please search “scalp micropigmentation.” You will be able to find thousands of amazing results.

It shows that hiding the donor scar is easy to achieve. If one day you want to change your look to a shaved head after your hair transplant, you will be able to do so confidently with the help of SMP.

However, for our patients, they haven’t had the need for SMP with our newest donor closure technique and years of experience. The scars are always minimal.

Currently the hopes for a “no donor site scar” is the most popular topic in the hair transplant field. Often misleading, a lot of people think that FUE is the answer, but we have a different opinion.

FUE doesn’t close the wounds, this means that the donor scars will not be reduced. For FUT, when 30 cm of donor is extracted, the closure of the scar will be reduced to one tenth of its original size. Depending on the surgeon’s skill, the results could be even better. In contrast, the FUE procedure will leave 30 cm square of scars widespread and much larger depending on the tension of scalp. This will cause the scars to stretch further. There will be 3000 round punch hole scars distributed all over the donor site for the remainder of your life. It will be permanent and not disappear over time. When your hair begins to thin, the scars over the safe zone and the thousands of scars will start to become even more noticeable.

If you are considering to have the FUE procedure, we advise you to think carefully and seriously.