A Personalized Hair Loss Treatment Plan


Compare to the male hair loss pattern, female hair loss usually has diffused pattern, lower donor site density, and tighter scalp and shed more hair after surgery. Women can only use certain medication and have higher expectation than men.

We have different approaches to different gender.


For mature people, hair restoration might be the only concern.

But for the young one, in addition to restoring the hair, preventing further hair loss is a very important issue. Because hair transplantation can not prevent hair loss.

Hair Loss Size

If the hair loss size is small then we can try to finish the surgery in one session.

If the size is huge then we will emphasize on how to use limited donor hair effectively.

Hair Loss Pattern/Location

Frontal area is always the most important part since people can see it right away. No matter how old you are, you need a decent hair on the frontal area.

If you have hair loss on the hairline/frontal region, surgery is the only choice.

For the vertex area, you have option for medication or surgery.

From your gender, age, hair loss size, location, and expectation, we will decide on the medication, surgery or combination treatment, the ratio of different graft size and the density of transplantation.