Donor strip cut under stereo-scope

Here is a photo of one of our patient’s donor strips. This donor strip is a perfect example of the excellent quality of our surgical team.

Though you may not realize it at first, it has taken doctors 40 years of research and development to discover a method to cut a donor strip without any transections. Only after years of experience under proper guidance will a doctor be able to perform quality procedures. Without the proper skill, technique, and equipment, many donor strips will be damaged (transected) and become unusable.

Three reasons why these results cannot be achieved without years of experience, expertise, and guidance are:
The direction of hair you see outside the skin is different from the direction of the hair on the inside. Depending on the location on the scalp, the direction of each hair is different. There is no clue on the direction inside of the skin simply by looking from the outside.

There are enormous blood vessels on the scalp. Without perfect bleeding control, a surgeon can not see the hair direction at all.

It takes a long time to train surgical technicians to master cutting under the stereoscope.


Donor Strip