We surveyed 100 of our hair transplant recipients immediately after surgery.

The intensity of pain was divided into a score of 0 to 10.

As a reference, 0 is no pain, 3 is equivalent to a paper cut, 5 as blood drawn, 8 as a toothache and 10 as severe pain.

None of our surgery patients referred to the pain as more than that of a paper cut.

At the same time we wrote down all their levels of consciousness.
They were relaxed, even sleepy, but all the time during the procedure they were able to respond to oral commands.

See one of our patient’s video testimonial about the near painless anesthesia. The gentleman had one very painful hair transplant experience in another facility. He tried to use a hairpiece because he didn’t want to go through the pain of another surgery, but he didn’t like the hairpiece at all. Finally he found our clinic and had the nearly painless procedure.

Progress A: Starting IV

Progress B: Administering Nerve Block

Progress C: Administering Donor Anesthesia

Progress D: Administering Frontal Anesthesia

Progress E: Removing Donor

Progress F: Suturing

Progress G: Making Slit

Progress H: Implanting

Progress I: End of Surgery