The NHT Anesthesia Method

Does it Hurt?

Patients typically experience psychological as well as physical pain when facing surgery. The fear of surgery may cause enough distress to make patients tense up or become pale. They may start to sweat and experience a slowed heartbeat—only to jump up with even the slightest touch. Led by Steven C. Chang, MD, our clinic uses The Natural Hair Transplant (NHT) Anesthesia Method, more specifically Twilight Zone Anesthesia (TZA) to help remove any psychological discomfort our patients may be experiencing. TZA helps relax our patients while allowing them to follow spoken commands and respond. Since it is not a general anesthesia, patients are conscious throughout the entire procedure. Our facility uses the minimal dose of medication, so it is extremely safe.

To help reduce any physical discomfort, we use the finest needles available. We apply a vibration before the injection, warm up the local anesthesia, and perform nerve blocks. To further ensure the comfort of the patient, we pre-numb the skin before applying the stimulus anesthesia agent. Tumescent anesthesia is used to make the anesthesia last longer than 10-15 hours. Furthermore, to ensure our patients’ comfort after surgery, we provide the latest, best oral pain reliever which can be taken once a day. Patients can now rest comfortably after the operation without the disturbance of a suture on the donor site.
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See video testimonial from a patient about our nearly painless anesthesia. The patient experienced one very painful hair transplant procedure in another facility. He tried to use a hairpiece because he didn’t want to go through another painful surgery, but he didn’t like the hairpiece at all. Finally he found our clinic and had our nearly painless procedure.

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